The New Year's Message for 1988

My only Lord Beloved Supreme,
Do bless me
With Your absolutely choice,
Secret and sacred Advice
For the New Year.

"My child, win My Heart
And thus win My All —
My Eternity's All,
My Infinity's All
And My Immortality's All."

My only Lord Beloved Supreme,
How can I win Your Heart?

"My child, by loving Me only
And by needing Me only."

My only Lord Beloved Supreme,
How can I love You only?
How can I need You only?

"My child, be punctual in your heart's
Be regular in your life's

My only Lord Beloved Supreme,
I have badly failed You this year.
I have all along failed You unquestionably.
But, my Lord, will I ever succeed?

"My child, you must and you will.
Just sleeplessly illumine your mind
And convince your heart
That you are of My Eternity's Hunger only
And you are for My Immortality's
Satisfaction only."

My only Lord Beloved Supreme,
I know that my living death will be
When You withdraw from me completely.
But will You ever withdraw from me?

"My child, do not think of My withdrawal,
But pray to Me to be with Me in My Boat
To reach your supreme Destination —
My complete Satisfaction in you, with you
And for you.
I have so far not withdrawn from you.
My child, wake up!
It is already very late.
How long do you expect Me to hold
My Golden Boat
On this side of ignorance-ocean?
You have to realise that either I am your All
Or you are all for yourself
And all by yourself."

Шри Чинмой, Сердца-цветы благодарности.Впервые опубликовано издательством Центр Шри Чинмоя, Москва в 2015 году.

Это 923rd–я книга, написанная Шри Чинмоем с тех пор, как в 1964 году он приехал на Запад.


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Из книги Сердца-цветы благодарности, распространяемой на условиях лицензии Creative Commons license

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